Jesse Narvaez & Bryan Botelho 5 W's

Photos: Tim Dodson

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

 Tim Dodson

A little over a month ago, we premiered the jointed part of those two for The Northern Co., and it was a pleasure to watch those two do their thing again, a while after discovering them through the late Rasa Libre… We thought it would be a good idea to get to know those two a bit better, and not so surprisingly, Bryan and Jesse seems as different, and complementary as most skate buddies…

When did you meet the other?
Bryan: Jesse is from Redwood City which is near San Francisco. I would go out there to skate a pretty fun skatepark they have and probably skated with Jesse and his friends a few times before we started hanging out. He got on Rasa Libre and we started filming and hanging out a lot more. It's funny though because I can't remember the first time we met or skated. It's all a blur.
Jesse: I met BB about six years ago through stylist Evan Kinori and nomad Zach Chamberlin. BB is the illest and extremely inspiring. We both ended up skating for Rasa Libre. We got along really well and have been skating together since!

 Tim Dodson

Bryan Botelho, kickflip

Where do you live now?
B: About three years ago, I moved from SF to Oakland. Its' only about a 15 minute drive from SF, but you get more space for your buck... I still usually go to SF to skate and film, just because everything looks so awesome and you can skate from spot to spot. My routine here is pretty normal, I guess. Go to work, skate when I can, spend time with my daughter. My life is probably as domesticated as it gets. Thank God for Skateboarding.
J: I live and work in Redwood City, which by train is about 30 minutes from SF, where I end up spending most of my time. I start work in Redwood at 4:30 am and get off at noon, so it gives me the freedom to skate almost everyday. Skateboarding in SF is dope, you are always meeting new people to skate with because everyone is a transplant from somewhere else completely different. Mostly, though, I am cruising with my redwood homies, Mr.Chamberlin, Ben Gore, BB and The Sleeping Horse crew.

What got you into joining the Northern Co?
B: Jesse is the reason I hooked up with The Northern Co.  I guess Ray at Prize Fighter Cutlery knew about Jesse and connected them. Then, Jesse brought me in. We got on at same time I think. Been good so far. Seems like everyone involved is really motivated and we all want to keep things going.
J: John Lindsay mentioned to me that Ray, from Prizefighter wheels, had some homies back on the East Coast that were down to help me out. I spoke to Steve and Mike who run Northern. Co and was totally down for their vision and felt like it has always been something that I wanted to do. Which is, to be a part of a fresh new brand and support something that is skateboarder run, where we could all help each other grow.

 Tim Dodson

Jesse Narvaez, switch frontside crooks

Why film that jointed part entirely in San Francisco?
B: Well, SF is where we always skate and film so that was to be expected… We decided to edit a part together just because Northern Co. was new and we just got on and wanted to kind of introduce ourselves and the company all as one. Plus we skate together all the time, so it made sense.
J: Bryan and I got on at the same time, and we both skate SF differently enough, so we figured sharing a part would be a perfect. We have been skating SF for years and Zach [Chamberlin who filmed and edited it] was into the idea as well.

What have you planned for the summer?
B: For summer, I'm just hoping to get a lot of skating done. Try to stack stuff for the next project. I'm going home to Texas in July when it'll be smoking hot. I forget how hot it gets there, having been in Bay Area for so long. No big plans, really. Just keep skating and living. Try to have fun with it all.
J: Summer will be magical! I am motivated now to finish filming for some projects we have been working on with Northern and for Zach’s video, Sprinkles. Zach and I have been taking trips all over Central America with our friend Michael Freeman in search of some new and random spots collecting footage for awhile now. We recently just came back from a trip to Mexico City, which was sketchy and amazing! If I'm blessed hopefully I can make it out to France to meet Zach where he’ll be for the next three months with the Magenta G’s. I 'd want to say thanks to everyone showing me love, Steve and Mike from Northern Co., Krux, Paradise Wheels, The Sleeping Horse, SkateWorks, My girl Tamara Squeez, all friends and family. Mad Inspiration G’s! Oh, and lastly, to you for hooking this up, THANKS!

Let's get back in the streets of San Francisco with those two, while waiting for their next footage with The Northen Co. to come up:

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