Joe Gavin alert!

A few days back, LIVE was forwarding to you Dom Henry's incredible new part in Sean Lomax's new indie full-length: "Cottonopolis". Well today, it already is local legend Joe Gavin's section's turn to undergo the exact same treatment, also happening to be the curtains in Sean's film that we'd really recommend you to order here if even remotely close to being aficionado of the classic VX-1000 meets inspired street skateboarding formula. Both sides of the lens are mastered, and the vibe is reminiscent of "First Broadcast", Dan Magee's - iconic - video for Blueprint back in 2001 which, coincidentally, just earned itself a new spiritual sequel: "Cover Version", by Magee again but under an obscure alias: Blips, that one can and really should watch in full, here.

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