Jose Rojo 5W's

We thought of Jose as a humble and quiet character, mostly focusing on skating with class, but his new part shows us a more flamboyant side… Maybe earning a shoe with his name on it revealed the hidden rock star. Unless…

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt
Photos: Oliver Barton

Jose Rojo 5W's

What makes for a great shoe to skate, according to your tastes?
For me a great shoe needs a pointy toe piece, It allows for better flick with flip tricks, which is important for me! Also, a great shoe is just being able to look down at your feet and being hyped on how it looks.

Where will you be skating today?
At the moment, we are in Salt Lake City, Utah with the Etnies crew so we will be shredding here for a couple of days.

Jose Rojo, ollie.

Sideways ollie.

Why is San Jose home?
I was born and raised in San Jose and cant see myself ever leaving here! The skate scene is really good as well with a lot of spots that aren’t blown out. Cops are cool, too! And also my Familia is here.

When do the Mexican jokes get old?
They don’t really get old, I kind of get hyped to hear new jokes, so that I can tell them to people!

Who is your favorite up and coming skater to watch these days?
Ben Reamers, Stevie Perez, David Reyes… There are so many great skaters that I can’t think of, at the moment. I’m having a brain fart!

You can check out Jose's shoe, here… And his part, well, it's down there:

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