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Poor Luc, I have been cyber bullying him about his music tastes for about two years now, while praising the relaxed good mood radiating from all the edits he has put out since… Not sure we will ever agree on what to listen to next, but after his recent paris visit, I can confirm he is a good egg! So, here is a bit more about that interesting character, and also the Great Swiss mystery. Enough to make you wait till his No Filter part, tomorrow…
Benjamin Deberdt

"[…] his stuff isn't "terrible" at all : pay attention to his lyrics, for real, he's sick!"

 Benjamin Deberdt
First off, the first thing to catch my attention in you guys' video is how numerous both the skaters and thespots were. You look like a really solid crew, although I assume there also were lots of guest clips & friends appearances - from a seemingly wide range of generations, too! How many of you would you reckon there might be? Despite the size of your city, the general vibe your video conveys is the one of everyone skating together, which is a nice change from other big city-type of scenes which most often are broken up in smaller, individual crews.
There's always mad people in our videos for sure! We always try and get clips of everyone, ranging from the younger super-kids to the old faces still willing to step onto a skateboard. Then we have our actual crew so to speak, which I would say amounts to roughly fifteen people always skating and messing around together, like a true family.
Do you have anything to say about Lezzi?
Yes, Lezzi really was like a brother to us, we grew up together, took up skating together. Unfortunately he left this world too soon, two years ago now, which really touched the Geneva skate scene. But then we used this energy to get ourselves together both figuratively and literally and we ended up working on new projects in order to pay tribute to the man.
You guys seem to release footage on quite the regular basis - I know I've seen several OG2000 edits online already. Looks like you're constantly filming. You also have talented skaters (last part of your video is notably crazy), Bordeaux Exposure filmer Julien Januszkiewicz recently moved to Geneva as well. Old heads such as Sven Kilchenmann also make appearances, thereby showcasing how they're still actively skating, and the Swiss scene in general stands out as historically going really strong (shops, skaters, distributors, events...) from a foreigner's perspective. How would you explain that, despite the inner activity going on, Switzerland seems to persist in being somewhat below the global radar ? And how preserved it tends to remain from skate tourism (by not being a primary destination for most trips, etc...). You guys' place eventually feels like a confidential "skate connoisseur"'s pick, rather than a more obvious choice.
We really are fairly productive as far as video making goes ; that is thanks to nothing but the amount of motivated filmers in our region, most notably Dax, who's always down to venture throughout the entire city in order to film skating on the most elementary spots. He films everything HD so his stuff is going to the La Fine Equipe clips. Then again we have Seb, the VX filmer, whose clips go to the OG2000 edits - which he personally fine-tunes along with Hugo, Célian & Guillaume - you know you're only going to get cool things out of having those four heads in the mix!
Then we're lucky enough to be in a city which, albeit relatively small, is packed with spots. They are everywhere, it's insane ! The city just keeps building new ones too ! But yeah, it doesn't necessarily attract foreign skaters, I don't really know why, but it may have something to do with the few coverage we ever get - which is yet another problem, I am under the impression that Geneva is a bit of a particular situation, due to it feeling like a french region to the german Swiss and vice versa, it can get lost in translation a bit. But that is all slowly starting to change, notably due to our activity, and Sebba's, who's always shooting photos in Geneva, ensuring that our city is getting out there more and more.
Backside smith. ph: Sebastiano Bartoloni
May you recommend some local crews, skaters and filmers to follow (be them from Geneva or Swiss altogether) to those who might not know where to start ? Also, what is the background of the filmers behind this very full-length in particular (one of them gets the last part too, doesn't he?).
Well, as I was saying, you have OG2000 & L.F.E (La Fine Equipe) : two names for one same crew, really ! Which enables us to release both VX and HD edits. Then there is Manu Muller, one of the main Geneva filmers, always full of motivation, always cranking out videos. And there is 242 Skateshop : it has stores in two locations, one in Geneva and one in Lausanne, which helps bring both scenes together. Jason Singer - one of the owners -  is always down to go out to skate and film too, and is always launching new video projects, making sure everyone remains active. As far as this latest video,, No Filter,  Dax essentially did everything, from filming to editing, picking the songs...
Last but not least - Benjamin seemingly - and radically - tends to associate you with Terrible French Rap™. I couldn't hear any in the video (whose soundtrack is mostly instrumental) but now the idea sticks ; would you know how to explain why?
Haha, that's all Alkpote's fault, but his stuff isn't "terrible" at all : pay attention to his lyrics, for real, he's sick ! Lately I've been way into Joe Lucazz, Rive Magenta, and even eurodance aplenty... I'm not set on just one genre of music, I'm always trying to find out about new things.
Cheers Luc!

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