Mad tech, yo!

Hervé Coneim is an icon of the Lille scene. A skater of almost three decades, he spent most of those there knitting together some awkward manual tech sorcery at the classic (but late) D.D.E. spot, and then a few more experimenting with all the possibilities the perfect ledges of the Lille street park that popped up in the mid naughts had to offer; up until then, Hervé's tech prowess represented the north of France in every mag (alongside other polar bears along the likes of Alex Van Hoecke). Hervé has moved to quite the polar opposite (on the national scale) location since then, but still skates hard under the Mediterranean sun; and now at the dusk of 2018, he's back with a mixtape of fifteen years worth of footage, assembled on a timeline by Rémi Luciani ("Marseille Zoo", "NCE"). Why some of that old footage was never released before during Hervé's national tech peak, the world will never know, but it surely is great to see it finally see the light of the day (Hervé footage has always been scarce), and all the new footage mixed in makes for a more three-dimensional representation of his true style. Do you know your ledge?

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