Magenta / 242 / La Capsule Suisse / PREMIERE

You surely were in need of a new Capsule, but rest assured the Magenta were also, and this one is actually Made In Switzerland! And mainly in close collaboration with the 242 locs… Because what a better way to explore a country, a city a sidewalk than with those that pace them on the regular?

 Soy Panday

Vivien Feil, bs 180. ph: Soy Panday

The shared sessions gave birth to more than good laughs and good lines, with a range of t-shirts and two boards celebrating Lausanne and Geneva locations close to the heart of local skaters, that are now available in both 242 stores, here and there… If you are a loc', you already know. And if you are a tourist, what better souvenir to bring back!?

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