"MAGNUS" / Philadelphia

Magnus Bordewick, you very certainly remember his name from the killer independent video from Norway, "Firetre", or maybe from the more recent "TIGERSTADEN"...
Well, as of late, he's been hanging out with Chris Mulhern, closely enough for them to craft a video part together for Adidas, a magnum opus of sorts entitled "Magnus", just about to drop online.
LIVE Skateboard Media's got you prepared for the imminent impact, by the means of Zander Taketomo's impeccable photography.
"I was really hyped to be in Philly!
It was my first time on the East Coast and it was extra nice to experience it with my Norwegian boys, Heitor and Hermann.


Driving around the city honestly felt like being in a movie at times.


Got the real, live Philly experience!


We were skating this bump to bar and this hood crew lurks up on us, telling us to be careful and that there was a guy that got shot right there a couple of days ago.


A couple minutes later, they're all with it and filming Insta clips for us!


The spots were rough and it was getting cold, but jackets and crust never looks bad!"


Magnus Bordewick.

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