Meeting… Olivier "Boucle" Durou!

Photos: Julio Sola

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

“When I have my afternoon off, it's chill, even if that means I have to wake up at 5h00 […]”

 Julio Sola

Olivier is amongst those guys that always seem to stay in the shadows, despite undeniable talent and passion, so being able to showcase him a bit with the part he had just finished was a prideful moment… I also looks like it might close a certain time in his life. But he will tell you more about it in a minute…
Let's note that when it comes to “lifetime hammers”, “Boucle” officially rates a strong second for “most ridiculous email address”, the gold medal still belonging –by far– to Olivier Fanchon. Might be an Olivier thing!?
But, let's get back to our morning phone call…

Benjamin Deberdt

So, you are about to head out to work?
Yeas, I am an assistant oenologist, in the Carcassonne area, in a big vineyard. Big in size, not by its name… [Laughter]

What is it you do, exactly?
I work on the vinification, the wine making process, here with Languedoc-Roussillon grapes.

This was a passion you had?
Originally, no, but I was born in a wine country. I was studying biology, and slowly I started heading that way. In the end, it did turn into something enthralling. Now, I have my oenology diploma, and I work full-time. We actually do the two eight-hours shift, alternating early mornings, or afternoon full days.

Skating wise, how does that work?
Oh, it's shit! [Laughter] When I have my afternoon off, it's chill, even if that means I have to wake up at 5h00, but apart from that, it is quite difficult, also because I work six days a week. But that is only for the grape-harvest time, then it mellows out. And I will be done over there soon.

 Julio Sola


What have you planned, for after? Enjoying yourself a bit?
Actually, I should be moving to Bordeaux, and would like to go work in New-Zealand, for the 2015 wine season. Since it is in the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are reversed, so wine-harvest season is around March other there. So, I would like to go work there for a couple months, then come back to Bordeaux and fully settle there. It is a wine country, and there is a lot of skating to do there, also. It seems really happening, and that motivates me more than staying here, where things are getting a bit stagnant, I feel…

You think Toulouse is less popping than it was for a bit?
It's the same story everywhere, when it comes to scenes, you have moments which are peaks with a lot happening at the same time, and then, it goes down a bit… And I feel like we are reaching a lower point, and I don't want to just be hanging out. Amongst my motivations, getting a job is there, also.

Getting back to the Southern Hemisphere, you are now getting Pass-Port boards, right? Was that part of your moving there plan?
[Laughter] No, no link, actually… I have had that plan to go there for a while, since I can only work in France for half the year, at least doing something of interest, so it would allow me to joint both seasons. And, by pure coincidence, the Pass-Port hook-up happened just recently. François from Crime L.R. had talked about me to the local distribution, and this is how it happened.

But it was a brand you liked?
Totally! I had seen those VX edits that I really digged, plus I quite like the whole imagery they push, and the board graphics just kill.

 Julio Sola

Backside tailslide

Since you haven't been to the Southern Hemisphere, yet, what is the furthest away from France you have been, so far?
Must be the States… New-York and Miami… Miami, that was when I was a kid, but I was already skating, so I did skated a bit back then. And New-York, that was a full-on holidays… That's something I would like to do: go back there, just to skate, but you have to that with people that want to skate, not on a family trip! [Laughter]

So, you have quite a winter planned, don't you?
I am going to finish my work middle of next month, and right after, leave Toulouse, to try to settle in Bordeaux as quick as possible, and organize my trip to New-Zealand from there. I need things to change!

All right, then, I will let you get to work, then…
Thanks! I would to take the occasion to thank Victory skateshop, Crime L. R., Hélas, Pass-Port and Emerica, before going.

So, when you get another look at the part he gave us to premiere, keep in mind that it was filmed with quite the full-time job aside, which makes it even better if you ask our humble advice:

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