Meeting… Wieger Van Wageningen!

Photos: Marcel Veldman

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

"Sometimes, when there is a good game, I have to leave the sesh early."

 Marcel Veldman

Wieger was an obvious candidate for a skate trip to the Promised Land of Soccer, as he has never been shy of being a football fan, even before it was cool to be one… As he is quite in the eye of the storm right now, with a new Enjoi video coming up, and also one of the rare European to have carved his niche in the States while still living in his natal country, he was also prone to get probed by Live. We even asked him the only question that matters.

You're reaching the Big 30, I believe… Does that changes your mindset, when it comes to having a skateboard career?
I am 31, actually, but it doesn’t really change my mindset, maybe it makes me a little more professional, cause I'm more mature.

What is going in Holland, in terms of a skate scene, right now?
We have a good skate scene in Amsterdam, a couple different crews, but we all get along good with each other…

Who is your favorite new local kid coming up, to watch right now?
I like Jacopo Carozzi, he's got skills! He is good at transition and street, and he's got good style! Watch out for him.

What's going on with Oververt? Is this supposed to be an "everybody got a full part" type of project?
We have a deadline for Oververt. It's the end of July. Whoever has a full part by then, has a full part.

 Marcel Veldman

Backside tailslide, in Cyprus

Actually, how did you first met the Enjoi dudes, and ended up on the team? What was the connection?
I have been on Enjoi now for seven years, now. Hunter Muraira who works for Nike introduced me to those guys. That's where it started.

Did you get, or still got, a special feeling when you got on, being their very first European rider?
Of course, I do, it's an honor to get on such an established team!

Who is your favorite to watch go for it, on Enjoi, at the moment?
Cairo is my favorite to watch go for it, he skates gnarly spots for his age and he is the team manager as well. Great guy!

You were just in Lyon, skating with the Cliché guys… What is your favorite French city to skate?
It's definitely Lyon, they skate a lot of ledges there and I like those! Jérémie Daclin showed us many good spots… Thanks, Jérémie!

 Marcel Veldman

Switch crooks, in Taïwan

I know you're a big football fan… Are you gearing up for the World Cup?
Definitely gearing up for the World Cup: I have a shirt with a lions head on in it but the head is on a flap, wham, you lift up the flap, it's the lions mouth, so it looks like he’s screaming, haha!

Is the passion for "soccer" still labeled as a "Euro" thing, in the States?
Yeah, football is definitely a European or South American thing in the States.

When on a tour, do you and Raemers just go to a bar together to watch games, while the rest of the team check NBA stats?
[Laughter] Football is not really an American sport, but they do show some interest for it! Sometimes, when there is a good game, I have to leave the sesh early.

Out of all your skate peers, who is the biggest soccer supporter you have met?
The biggest football fan of all my skate friends is Vincent Vos. We watch a lot of games together. Too bad he’s supporting our rivals, Ajax! I'm a PSV fan.

Best situation to watch a game, in your opinion? Out or at home?
I love watching Holland matches in a bar with all my friends rather then at home, off course. But I live in Amsterdam so if I wanna watch PSV, because it's from Eindhoven, I would have to do it at home.

 Marcel Veldman

Fronside noseslide, in Sao Paolo

Does it really get that gnarly in terms of rivalry, in Holland?
It gets pretty gnarly. When I moved to Amsterdam, my dad made sure I wasn't going to support Ajax, and no, I never will!

When in Brazil, could feel the locals getting amped for it?
In Brazil, they love football: people playing football everywhere, you see billboards of players… But not every Brazilian is happy with the World Cup, because it is costing a lot of money to get the city ready.

Got any predictions for the World Cup? Are you a betting guy?
I'm not a big betting guy but i think Spain or Brazil are going to to win. Italy is always an outsider, though!

Oh, by the way, it's not for me, it's for a friend: what is the secret to perfect hair?
The secret to good hair is a good barber… [Laughter]

 Marcel Veldman

Let's have a look back on his recent visit to the sacred land of football:

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