Minkia Drama

Obviously, Milan-based skate filmer Patrick Frunzio really never stops - this clip here being his third quality audiovisual offering in three months (the previous ones - and more - can be watched here). Raffaele Pola doesn't seem to sleep long nights either, as said present clip consists in another 'web part' of him, only two months after his previous one, filmed in Amsterdam - one that had turned out to be so expensive, the duo settled for less foreign, more local grounds this time around. The result is as efficient as it gets, on both sides on the lens: Patrick's filming and editing style hits the right spot with some "STATIC"-reminiscing flavor, only complimenting Raffaele's inspired skating, focusing on exploiting Milan's architecture to its fullest potential for maximum impact, involving some genuine originality in the process. Street gap pop shove-it out of manny? We'll take it.

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