"Mon Gars" Loophole x Marseille / Zach Chamberlin 5W's!

A new video piece by the legendary Zach Chamberlin just dropped via the San Francisco wheel co., Loophole and we're talking a solid eight minutes of impeccably presented sincere skateboarding on and through the old streets of Marseille, France, featuring the perfect mix of some of the team, locals and visitors and friends from all over, joining forces and vibes on some of the country's oldest crusty spots.

So, "MON GARS IN MARSEILLE" is plenty to possibly wax lyrical about - but let's let the skating do the talking, and also the person who - once again - brillantly captured it all thanks to his trademark Sony VX-1000 and Super-8 wizardry: Zach was down to answer some of our questions indeed, regarding the process, the city and his current activity with Loophole and in general. You can find the resulting conversation in 5W's form, below!

LIVE Skateboard Media: Hi Zach! So, when was "MON GARS" filmed exactly, over the course of how long, and how did the idea of a Loophole Marseille edit come about?

Zach Chamberlin: We filmed this in September of 2022.

The idea was to settle in to Marseille and become familiar with the area and locals. It's a long trip so if people wanted, they could break out and not get lost.

"So many gritty elements,
two weeks can't scratch that"

When trips and tours are a whirlwind of different cities, traveling, driving and changing from house to house, it takes a lot of time. I figured, let's just use that time to chill or skate instead of moving locations.

Marseille is a beautiful city with so many gritty elements, two weeks can't scratch that. But way better than just a few days.

We stayed super central and got out on foot everyday, scratching away.

 Clément Chouleur
Ty Beall, noseslide to fakie. Ph.: Clément Chouleur

LSM: For the uninitiated, where precisely is Marseille and how would you describe that city to a non-local? How would you compare its vibes to, say, the ones of Paris just to remain in France but really any other classic metropolitan stereotype?

ZC: Marseille is in the south of France, kind of east, closer to Italy than Spain - directly on the Mediterranean Sea. Nestled inside the center is a port.

There are so many perspectives to have of Marseille: buttery beaches, fucking fantastic French food, Mediterranean life, smooth streets, crusty spots, sea life, chilling, blazing, cafe life, meeting new people and soaking up fresh ways of living. It's one of the most cultural diverse places I've been, personally.

During the Fête de la Musique, a music celebration day in France, I was cruising down the street and every shop had music of where I'd assume they were from or heritage. It was full blast bombarding the streets at every shop directly next to each other. It was beautiful overlapping chaos to see and hear.

"It's kind of similar
to being in my home
of San Francisco"

People have the in-your-face attitude custom to New York but also the next moment you can be invited into someone's home you never met with genuine kindness for a beer and smoke.

Gotta stay on point but it's also so incredibly chill.

Comparing apples and oranges is so hard and not so much my place. From my perspective, Marseille is a super fun place to skate and around every corner is a beautiful or cool cutty spot to hang out at a rad view or get a beer or coffee. If I took a deep dive on myself into it, I think it's kind of similar to being in my home of San Francisco. The saying goes people like what's familiar. 

LSM: This isn't the first time you go to Marseille to film - what would you say is the appeal that keeps you coming back, in the culture or lifestyle perhaps, what is your personal hook there both regarding the skate scene and other general elements that transcend the scope of skating?

ZC: All that stuff I mentioned brings me back for the skating and living. I also go to France pretty often to visit family.

 Clément Chouleur
Mátyás Ricsi, frontside wallride. Ph.: Clément Chouleur

LSM: Who was on the trip exactly and how did this fantastic meet-up come about? Plenty of faces from around the world in this one, like Ricsi or Sergej. Very much reminded me of the Push Periodical World Tours. (Speaking of which - where is Richard?)

ZC: Haha! Classic line from trips with Richard! That goes back to 2014 when we went to Japan with him? “Where's Richard?!”

Loophole has many guys in Europe so we thought it would be a great place to meet up with everyone. Andrea, Gigi and Santiago are French so easy for them to meet. Luis lives in Spain but Jesse and I met him in Panama, Ruben came from Italy. Ricsi, from Hungary.

Ty, Jameel, Connor and Buckets are all from the States.

Choubi shot lots of rad photos and he's French.

Super lucky Sergej was around town also.

 Clément Chouleur
Mátyás Ricsi, drop into 50-50. Ph.: Clément Chouleur

LSM: Why this timing for the release of the edit, any specific news you would like to share regarding Loophole or are you guys just non stop doing your thing and only occasionally letting the world know whenever, going with the flow? And personally, Zach, what have you been up to lately in general, be it via Loophole or different personal outlets? Any current project or notable news you would like sharing about or is that too much planning already?

ZC: We meant to have the video a while ago but timing worked out to do it now. It coincided with the first pro wheels we just released for Ruben and Ty so they could have footage out with everyone. We also just made a wheel for Dustin Eggeling. We have some things in the works with him and all the guys.

Personally just did a whirlwind trip to Japan with some Sprinkles gang, Shoma, Jinn, Connor and Dylan. And AREth footwear. It was going to be about a week for each but we ended up melding it together into one dope three-week trip. Met so many people and saw so many places. Working on an AREth video and a second Sprinkles video incorporating that.

LSM: Merci, Zach!

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