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If masking hints of smelly feet with a few layers of deodorant is a typical off-the-board skate trick, today, it's Stinky Socks which has Deo Katunga covered; and, while we may have been willing to almost spare you that terrible joke, there is no way we're letting you off without the clip honoring said contract, because now that is quality. Stinky Socks being based in Bulgaria, "UP NEXT" was shot just there in the capital of the country: Sofia, over just two weeks by a Veliko Balabanov willing to work overtime whilst technically on vacation. Unique spots, creative and raw skating, Mini-DV at its finest and sweet editing; what else would you need?

Anyhow, make sure to remember Veliko's name, as you will be hearing of him again on LIVE again in the future, if all goes according to plan!

Deo Katunga, yank-in. Ph.: Veliko Balabanov
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