Nyon man

LIVE has already been introducing you to Switzerland-based Arthur Du Sordet's video productions under the sign of local Crans City Club, before, notably via this particular edit that singlehandedly caught our attention and redirected it towards the scene in Nyon. Since then, it's no less than a full-length video Arthur has been working on: "TROIS TROIS TROIS", a thirty-minute slice of local urban skateboarding, stolen out of Chronos' mouth thanks to the almighty power of Mini-DV. You can expect the Premiere on LIVE, soon; although, Arthur has already been sharing a few sections on the Crans City Club YouTube channel. So today, we're featuring the latest one to date: Yannick Eberhard's segment - goofy-footed since the first step - in the occasional company of Robin Fankhauser, but you can also explore and watch the ones of Albert Lopes and of Loïc Beirnaert (co-featuring Tom Armand). Catch a sneak peek and get excited for more, soon!

Yannick Eberhard, frontside smith grind. Ph.: Albert Lopes
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