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If Corey Henderson's name rings a bell to you, maybe that has to do with how he's the author of the "Trabajando" video series, which LIVE has brought up before. Most notably, we'll send you back to the Paris segment, and Graham Thoms's section in "TRABAJANDO 4", not coming without an in-depth, joined interview with both the skater and the filmmaker, just because!
Anyway, Corey is still based in Chicago and, despite his yearly routine of traveling to Europe (especially Barcelona, his crew's connection of choice) to film, he didn't go to in 2019 which, in fact, didn't deter him from directing a new project... And going for something unique.

"OUT OF THE LOOP" (available for download, here) consists in fifteen minutes of skateboarding not in, but around Chicago, in the outskirts - namely in the cities of Oak Park, River Forest, Berwyn, Cicero and Forest Park. What originally started out as the concept for a more humble solo project only grew exponentionally bigger as Corey's crew really came through with the motivation he needed to bring a full montage to completion (that's including the soundtrack, all original and also orchestrated by Corey), as well as their shared thirst for spots of a special kind - one that Corey himself recounts, below:

"These are a ton of spots that I have been passing up for years, but 2019 - the one year I didn't go to Barcelona in five years - these spots could not be left alone. The first two spots and the coffee shop are about a five-minute walk from my front door. A few of these spots had to be fully revived or patched up in order to skate them, and many of the spots were untouched - something about skating fresh spots, I can't get enough of it. There came a point where I was just calling people and telling them to come skate in my area, while secretly having spots I knew only they could touch saved for them!

"Others might be
about the
'cool factor'"

It would be a thing we would do on weekdays, when there was no reason to skate downtown and traffic was too thick to drive throughout the suburbs. Sometimes we would even go downtown after skating the neighborhood, and film for a completely separate project.

The act of deciding to skate these spots has heightened my spot awareness, to the point me starting to go down a rabbit hole noticing little spots and their potential, but I think it's better this way because before it would be, like... We'd see a spot in our hometown on the way out to skate downtown Chicago, but never skate it because it wasn't "cool enough". Now, we are skating them because, first, it's extremely convenient and inspiring to get clips close to home, and second, we just love the different, untouched textures, and how the VX-1000 can just turn them into such great memories.

"Just so there are
new memories
everywhere and
not just dreams"

Big extra thanks to Mark Padilla and Dylan Roeder - they were a huge source of inspiration to take this video further, because they were just as hyped as I am to skate locally, whereas others might be apprehensive about the "cool factor"; I gravitated towards them the most because they didn't care - and we knew that wherever we skated, as long as we had fun, we would be hyped on the clips - from filming them to watching them.

So, it's a ton of spots that hadn't really seen the light of day, as well as music that you can only hear in this video. Just something so when I drive through, there are new memories everywhere and not just dreams." - Corey Henderson

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