Hotel Blue, Ya Know? If you love New York's tall buildings in the background, flip tricks over fire hydrants, or lines ending between cars on a busy road with the city traffic, you must surely know! It has been a long time since we didn’t have that much news from them, except from the superb tricks of Juan Virues for converse in the "Uphill" video and more recently in his part “Quatro”. So as the title of this new video indicates it, it was about time! And why change a recipe that works so well? Always with Nick Von Werssowetz (Lurknyc) at the controls they keep this dark atmosphere of New York which we can find mainly in the “Mean Streets” series. The cast includes Nick Gorham, Kalman Ocheltree, Luke Lenski (who also signs a relatively confusing backside flip), Nate Grzechowiak and the famous Juan Virues who ends the video with a frontside bigspin that clearly defies the laws of physics.

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