Pandora's Blocks

Some years after an incredible section in "ELEVENTH HOUR" by Jacob Harris ("ATLANTIC DRIFT", "VASE"...) and then some more spent on the other side of the viewfinder due to some knee troubles (which in turn eventually resulted in VX-1000 full-length opus "CONEXIONES" gracing the world, released independently with lad support from the Jersey scene: Consume StorePillo Wheel Gang and Subterranean Skateboards), today, Luka Pinto is back with a new audiovisual proposal: "PANDORA'S BOX", under the now-officialized moniker: Crew Report.

Waiting for the object in DVD form as well as the accompanying, complementary zines to drop - let alone more videos - and in order to bring some Vladimir Film Festival 2019 vibes back, Free Skate Mag just uploaded Luka's part, as though to highlight how the man himself knows no blocks when it comes to productivity, both on and off the board - all in absolute spite of an occasionally temperamental body - but the ones he literally devours, as exemplified by that last line!

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