Parisii / le remix / Santiago Sasson

While waiting for a final premiere showing in its entirety soon at MIMPI in Rio de Janeiro, let's use the excuse of a special day to drop the first excerpt from the remix of all Parisii episodes… Their exploration of the French capitol being over, Greg Dezcot and Olivier Fanchon wanted to give credit and emphasize all efforts (and good laughs) shared over three years by axing edits around the most involved individuals and crews. Who better to start it all than Santiago to give you a feel of the whole thing, since he even played drums and more with his buddy François Perrin to produce the custom soundtrack for it all. Here you get a young, and sometimes even younger, man with various length of facial hair, with an always exploding way with Parisian streets… Let's all get together now, to whish him and happy birthday!

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