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PJ Chapuis and Rémy Barreyat already got some history. To the point those do not necessarily agree on when and how they met… We will spare you the details in that coded language that comes with long friendships only, to remind you that those already signed an edit that made a little splash, last year, despite being filmed in 60 hours only in Saragossa. Tomorrow, we will present you, as a LIVE exclusive, a new edit in the same vein, only film in a few more hours, this time in Paris. To get you prepared for it, their buddy Julio Sola asked them couple questions, while sharing some of his recent photos of one of the most exciting French skaters nowadays.

It's all about mood! We keep it QLF, though…
What with the Plus TN!?
We –jokingly– wanted a French rap mood, so they fit that, and in the end, I ended up filming a line wearing them…
Pueblo or Marlboro?
Marlboro for the beginning of the month, Pueblo for the end of the month.
Why go for that concept? Why such a heavy mood?
Well, the concept was to be in a city for a limited time, go for it filming it all, and make an edit from whatever footage we could get, from skating to night life. It's not all about the skating, but about it all. Rémy had visited me when I was studying in Saragossa, and it had worked out. We thought we should do it again… This summer, it was Paris! We don't want to be working on a long term project, but on what happens to us when we get together, more like a holidays movie of sorts. As for the mood, I don't know, it's what everybody wants to make out of it.

frontside 50-50 backside 180 out

How did you get the idea, as an out-of-towner, to come film a part in Paris while avoiding all the famous spots?

[Laughter] The out-of-towner eye allows for another look at things, for sure. Then again, whenever you get to a city that is not yours, you are more excited, more acute. In all reality, Rémy now living in Paris for a few years had been bugging me about coming for a while. So I came over for a few days, and we filmed this. We don't necessarily put pressure on ourselves about spots or tricks. We move around with no real plan, not necessarily knowing what we might find. We have realized that fate always brought us good karma.

backside nosegrind
And you always keep your motivation when going on night missions in Paris, only followed by your filmer?
I do! With Rémy, we go out with the idea of filming some skating, but realistically is we just cruise and have fun in the streets! We ended more than often filming stupid shit instead of lines. We just got a good connexion, it's that simple!

frontside 50-50 to 5-0 nosegrab revert?
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