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Them lads never quit it! Over the past month the Internet has graced us with "Teddie", London head George Toland's R.A.D. new full-length video compiling one year worth of skateboarding by his crew filmed in many different locations throughout Europe; and last week, we were presenting you this interview and photo gallery of George Booth-Cole, the photographer of the posse and a talented one at that, who happens to document many of his mates' prowess on thirty-five millimeter film when the other George aims at the same in moving form via his trusted VX-1000. Both homonymous G's are no strangers to the most important skate video festival in Europe, the now longtime running Vladimir Film Festival occuring every September in Croatia (the 2017 documentary on which George was down to help out with already, contributing chunks of skate footage); and actually here they are today, showcasing a recap of some of the intense street skating that took place in between the exhibitions and screenings at the latest, 2018 edition of Vladimir, all filmed in the city of Pula, Croatia over the course of four days. The two played their respective roles as documentarists so well, we just had to catch up with the one who favors colors and tapes (click here for an interview with the other George), if anything just come up with enough banter to illustrate and punctuate with their souvenirs of stoke, sunshine and miscellaneous, sound shenanigans!
LIVE Skateboard Media: Yo George, thanks for doing this! What is this new clip about, what is Vladimir and how did you get to hear about that event in the first place? How many times have you been going now?

George Toland: This clip is a postcard for Teddie, Serious Adult big boss Greg and Charlotte’s baby - serving as a little reminder of her first ever lad's holiday!

Darwin, ollie onto rock. Ph. : George Booth-Cole

Teddie joined us in Croatia along with Greg & Charlotte to attend the premiere of our new Serious Adult video - named in her honour (!) and to enjoy a last bit of sun before winter mode was engaged on arrival back to London.

It was the second time Tom, Greg and I had to been to Vladimir, after attending in 2017, and we knew a day or two into that edition that we’d be returning the next year! I’d heard only good things about the festival before going, but definitely didn’t fully know what to expect. One of the main reasons I was hyped to go was after watching VFF organiser Nikola Racan’s full length video - "Solsticij". Some of the spots looked insane, and I loved the soundtrack and overall vibe of the video.

"Solsticij" was the first thing to bring Nikola and the festival to my attention, and after hearing mad tales like "Spirit Quest" being premiered on a private island with zebras and an elephant, we had to book some tickets to Pula!

"Pretty much every row on the plane had one of us on it!"

Chunk of the crew, and Murilo Romão, from Brazil! Ph.: Tom Delion

LSM: This year you showed up to skate and film but as you were saying, also to introduce the screening of your new full-length video « Teddie » for Greg Conroy’s brand Serious Adult. Can you provide some information about the video, and how Vladimir apparently functioned as a motivation to get it done on time? The previous installment of the event also motivated you to start working on a new video this whole year, right? This isn’t the first instance of people getting inspired to create by Vladimir, people regularly get that due to how the event really doubles up as some sort of think tank. Plenty of Pula footage in « Teddie » too, how do you reckon Croatia left a mark on you guys and did you ever expect that to happen prior to first going there, what were your original expectations?

George: Greg had to go home early from the 2017 festival due to work, but told us as he was leaving that him Charlotte were expecting a baby in May. Tom and I were gassed, and made a loose plan to try and show a full-length video at next year’s festival - but bring the squad with us this time!

The "Teddie" squad (including the little lad himself) in Fazana, Croatia. Ph.: Tom Delion

A long, arduous winter and work commitments meant not that many street missions were possible til March this year, nevertheless Tom still managed to film a full part, as did Jack (Soden), Darwin (although half of his section was filmed by Luke Herb whilst Darwin was living in Melbourne), and new recruit, fresh from Queretaro - Sebastián Lemus.

Jack Soden, nosebonk all up innit in Peckham, London, "Teddie" days. Ph.: George Booth-Cole

Seb was living in London for six months from January to do an English course, having never been to Europe before. After meeting Seb one cold night at Southbank, Greg and I instantly got on with him and asked if he was keen to come out on some missions to try film a section for the video. He quickly became one of the gang, and proceeded to drop hammers at several London staples. His enthusiasm and the hype he brought with him were infectious and played a massive part in making this video happen - big ups Seb!

Seb Lemus, kickflip in Marseille, "Teddie" days. Ph.: George Booth-Cole

Even Greg, with an ever-growing list of commitments, managed to film a mini section! A lot of the video was filmed on two trips to Marseille then Zaragoza, particularly Marseille where had a huge crew split out across the city - shout out Yulka!

As Vladimir ‘18 approached, we were struggling with what to call the video, until it became obvious that "Teddie" was the reason it had all been happening - big love to Greg, Charlotte and Teds!

"[...] Loads of spots, rad hills, and the roads are perfect everywhere"

I was so honoured to show the video at Vladimir, it being the main motivation to start filming in the first place - I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather have premiered "Teddie", the atmosphere at VFF is so special, you need to visit to truly understand, but I can’t thank Nikola, Marina, Tibor, Iris, Elvis, Oleg, Nina and everyone who puts the festival together enough! They’ve created such a unique event, where everyone who goes genuinely wants to be there so much and take part - so much love!

Tom Delion, melon in Pula, Croatia, Vladimir 2018. Ph.: George Booth-Cole

LSM: How big of a crew were you this year, and how much did you get to skate Pula? How do you like it for skating, how much potential do you see there? Tom already killed the place last year in front of your lens and sometimes not even…

George: We had a massive squad touch down in Croatia this year - myself, Tom, Jack, Chris, Freya, George Booth-Cole, Darwin, Greg, Charlotte, Teddie, Sam, Harriet, Raf, Nick Palomino, Lovenskate Stu and all the Manchester legends - pretty much every row on the plane had one of us on it!

Dino Coce, hippy jump out of the Pula arena. Ph.: George Booth-Cole

We didn’t skate quite as much in Pula this year but still got a couple of sessions in.

Pula is a pretty perfect city to skate - it’s not big at all but there’s loads of spots, rad hills with very few cars and the roads are perfect everywhere.

Definitely hyped to get back out there in 2019 and find some new stuff.

Aymeric Nocus, no-comply 5-0 grind in Pula. Ph.: George Booth-Cole

LSM: George Booth-Cole shot a whole lot of photos too. Vladimir isn’t just a skate video festival, it also comprises photo exhibitions and a lot more, do you reckon Fazana and Pula straight up turn into not just the thinking skaters’ bee hive for a few days, but a general muse for independent artists regardless of what their craft happens to be, every year?

George: It’s rad to see so many people so hyped on doing cool shit!

"You need to visit [Vladimir] to truly understand"

Vladimir is the perfect place to talk with, and learn to and from like-minded people, regardless whether you skate or not.

Everyone there has made the journey to a random Croatian fishing town for this specific reason, so the genuine passion is evident amongst the attendees.

Both years we’ve been, I’m yet to talk to any dickheads; instead rad, friendly people from all over the world!

Ph. : George Booth-Cole

LSM: You’re just about to leave on quite the trip just as we’re speaking, would you mind explaining us where you’re going and what your goal is? Any idea of what you will be doing this year (working on more video projects?), and if the Vladimir guys can already count you in for the 2019 edition?

George: I’m currently sitting on a plane to L.A. - hopefully not by the time this comes out! [editor's note - it's been three weeks now, so let's hope not].

I'm going to visit my brother for a couple weeks, before heading to Mexico in December to see Seb and travel around. After that I’m going to Costa Rica, to link two homies we met at VFF 2017 - Saco and Miguel!

They came all the way from Costa Rica to Croatia to show their film "Canasta": a rad, honest Costa Rican scene video that inspired me to start making plans to visit their country.

I want to explore these places as much as possible and hopefully come back next Spring with some fresh Seb footage on his home turf!

Shout outs to Aymeric and Benjamin at LIVE and to everyone who helped make his video happen in any way; see you in Fazana in 2019!

Ph.: George Booth-Cole
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