Rave skateboards, 5 W's!

Last May, we introduced you to PJ Chapuis, one of the FEW French skaters to have his own thing going on, AND THAT for a little while, now… A character, he always seem to be up to to something, and here he is, coming up with a brand… Could RAVE skateboards be JUST another brand, as they flourish these days? We will let you decide, with a few answers to some of the questions you might have, plus an edit premiering exclusively on LIVE for 24 hours!


"[…] RAVE is also the opportunity to lead some projects alongside skateboarding."

RAVE is about freedom, free to throw a party anywhere at anytime. Free to open a beer at 10, both AM or PM. Free to lead his life as Antwuan did. Free to puke on my Osi. Free to watch Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL in a row even though you prefer Showgirls. RAVE is a pray full of nonsense, an invitation to taste what is the best between meaningless and meaningful.
Who is RAVE?
We are three people that met when we were students. We all have our own sensibilities, Tom Amiot mainly manages the e-shop and the social networks, Aurélien Mangin is in charge of the designs and the production, and I am mostly in charge of the visual content of the brand. Concerning the “skate part”, especially about sponsoring, we cannot talk about an official team. Always cheesy to say that, but we’re more into including friends from our network in projects branded RAVE, with values that we share; like we did with François Tizon.
PJ Chapuis, 50-50
When did the brand turned into a reality?
Since 2015 we were talking about start a skate brand, even if it was the first talks, the bases which have been told were still the same at the launch in 2016. What we wanted to do was something colorful, fun and not too serious, probably an answer to the anxious times we are living. Also, we wished to give importance to our production line. Even if we’re still not perfect about that, we’re trying to focus our production places in France or US. RAVE is also the opportunity to lead some projects alongside skateboarding, like making videos, producing music or events… things that make our daily lives..
Where was filmed “_3”?
This first edit was shot in the streets of Pau and other little cities around it during 3 weeks basically. François Tizon was doing an internship in Mont de Marsan, working as a molecular breeder, specialized on improving sunflowers and I was working in Pau at the local skateshop, Jump, so it was the perfect opportunity to go skate and film around there. This part of France has lots of cool spots and is almost never shown..
François Tizon, wallie
What’s next, for RAVE?
We made a second edit with Rémy Barreyat shot in Budapest and which will be release this fall. It will be the occasion for him to introduce his project called Naked Drama. Otherwise, we’re preparing an other edit mostly lifestyle with two directors from Paris. Next, we’re gonna carry on new projects like we did in Pau with François. And for sure, keep developing and diversifying our product range with new drops, capsule collections, etc…
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