To Rome with love

Poland-based skate filmmaker Krzysztof Godek is, as of recently, running his own brand Repeat and, more generally, somebody whose works have been placed on display on LIVE quite a few times before; and today, he's back with an edit filmed, this time, in Rome - quite the unpopular destination for a skate trip despite being the capital of Italy, as it seems commonly overshadowed by the much more practical Milanese marble. Well, the task to restore a certain balance is up to Varsaw's SH Store riders in this case, and the results are now live for you to watch, for a little audiovisual holiday!

As a complement, here are some words straight from Krzysztof, and a photo gallery by Jakub Suwiński.

"I find Rome to be one of the most beautiful ancient cities on Earth; it has amazing spots, but you have to know where they specifically are. We found some new ones too, but I guess we got lucky because really, most of the city is cobblestones, and just rough flatground everywhere. We saw a lot of impressive stuff - felt like I was in a movie. That was an amazing week; big thanks to SH Store. For more, make sure to check out Repeat on Instagram to keep up with my video and merch output. All profits fully go to funding more tours and videos like this one."Krzysztof Godek

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