Shinpei alert!

Usually, missing the beat of the release of a new Shinpei Ueno piece isn't a habit of LIVE's but here, that's pretty much what happened, just as much as this one did seem to hover below the radar of most Western publications in general (with the notable exception of Vague's, more power to them!), and as far as we're concerned it took a SLAP message boards O.G. to notify us of the existence of today's main course. It is all the more unforgivable that we almost skipped this video as it consists in no less than a two-minute "web part" (as the kids say) of crazy-looking spots and tricks, typically in Shinpei's unique style, coupled with a technical-looking editing in the typical Tightbooth tradition. If one gets carried away and start imagining (rightfully or not) that the footage might be some leftovers from the imminent "LENZ III", well, the year twenty twenty suddenly starts opening up in terms of bright perspectives!

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