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Edvards Gabarajevs is our informal informer from Latvia, via his work on local skate media platform Rajon TV, the activity of which can easily be traced on Instagram, here; or on LIVE - as this isn't the first time we bring them up - here and also here. Ed is always enthusiastic to share the latest news from one more underrepresented front with us, bringing up topics such as Madars Apse's local activism, or his own latest, local skate mobilisation efforts.

Right now, those just so happen to be most recognizable by the designation of Skate Baltica: a Riga, capital of Latvia-based event consisting in a full day of skateboarding intertwined with a program of photo exhibitions, talks on the current state of the local scene, video screenings (including Ed's own new production: "DOODLE", which we are featuring today!), and awards as more fuel for the people's motivation. A recap from that day Ed himself describes as having "sort of turned into an improvised Baltic skate film festival", reminiscent of happenings such as Vladimir or Summit Of The Non-Aligned, can be viewed here.

"DOODLE" is the audiovisual summary of sessions spent in the capital cities of Vilnius, Riga et Tallinn. According to Ed himself, "It is like a short guide into the Baltics. By no means does this video show everything our countries have to offer, but it states the message we want to deliver - we have spots, skaters and good taste. To our own understanding, at least!". One of the best Rajon TV video offerings to date, "DOODLE" does indeed come through with a certain quantity of beautiful spots and styles on display, all set to a quality, immersive soundtrack.

Finally, Rajon TV is so effervescent they even managed to make us almost miss the release of their newest full-length video: "VISS SAFE", online in full since a bit, notably via Skateism's video channel - for those of you curious enough to extend the virtual trip by an extra forty minutes!

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