Snipes Squad Up Paris / ARTICLE

So what are you up to, this Friday, July 5th?

In Paris, Snipes is coming through with Squad Up: a street contest of sorts consisting in teams handling challenges (mostly but not exclusively of the skateboarding kind), throughout the entire city, in a style reminiscent of Thrasher's notorious King Of The Road.

Now here, what qualifies as a team if any crew of three; so please do feel free to bring two homies along, and try to qualify as one of the sixteen groups that will make it to the finals. The prize money is a global total of fifteen thousand euros, attainable via a variety of means.

So Friday, let's join us at Place de la République, from noon on, to sign your crew up, get your own Squad Book and discover all the challenges that are eventually bound to earn you points, and maybe even some allowance.

A few things to know:

  • Signing up is free;
  • Signing up will be possible from noon on, till 3 PM;
  • Your crew has to consist in three skateboarders;
  • Remember to charge your phones as in order to earn points, you will need to upload footage on your Instagram stories;
  • Crew vibe and genuine creativity count just as much as tricks;
  • The amount of points awarded for each challenge will depend on its difficulty, but not necessarily just that;
  • Some challenges will also directly earn you some cash, if completed;
  • The results and winners will be announced and awarded at Snipes Paris Store, 58 Rue Saint-Denis at 10 PM;
  • The top sixteen crews will get to skate the Snipes Squad Up Paris finals on the next day, July 6th, Place de la République.

In order to get to sign up, one has to be over eighteen years of age - or bring an authorization from their legal tutors otherwise.

The first round will start off at 3 PM at République. Signing up is free, and music will be performed by Baptiste "Chill or Die“ and Tony Goodguy.

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