A Studio in Lisbon

The Montreal-based brand Studio Skateboards recently set up a trip for the whole team to Lisbon, Portugal, which just so happened to painfully coincide with the timing of the closing of national borders in fear of the Covid-19 pandemic. We caught up with one of them in order to contextualize the video that did ensue: Andréa Dupré, who narrates: 

"Lisbon: my first time in Portugal, my first trip with Studio, my first pandemic. 

So from March 3rd to 13th, to Lisbon we were sent. My first impression of it was feeling its unique, crazy architecture. 

On the team, with me, were Joey Larock, Frank Nadon, Brett Weinstein, Erik Lebeau (the team manager and overall supervisor), Zander Mitchell, Charles Deschamps, Chase aka. Choppy - a friend of Brett's, both coming all the way from Chicago - and Jacee Juhasz on photo duties. Mid-trip, we also met Dylan Tims and he stuck around with us until the end. Dylan was at the end of a three-month European trip of his, his last stop being Lisbon, before heading back to Vancouver. He was skating non stop, every day, doing crazy stuff and we really enjoyed having him around. 

It's pretty crazy to me that just as the world was starting to freak out and turn upside down, we were just being tourists over there with our Super Bock and Pastel de Nata...

Without an exception, all the Studio guys are top notch and really easy going.

Due to the border situation, we ended up sticking around till the seventeenth or twentieth of March as far as most of us are concerned, except Erik who then left on the twenty-second.

The good thing is, we managed to dodge the original psychosis in a way. We were kind of secluded from the whole news, the country hadn't been hit yet so it took some time for the situation to sink in. I only realized how bad things were getting when I started getting texts from everybody - my girlfriend, my family: I had to come back home now. In a way, I kind of didn't feel like it, because we were doing just fine there, we were also supposed to go to Porto for the next week but well, it would have been selfish [laughs], so coming home back to the family was the right thing to do. So I managed to catch one of the final flights just before the borders closed.

As soon as they reopen - hopefully by August - I'm going to join the Studio guys in Canada. I've never been to Montreal, so I can't wait!"Andréa Dupré

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