A taste of the 90’s

Josh Kalis has pontificated over this many times: Spain is one of the very few places in the world where skaters still have plazas that, accidentally, happen to be great spots, where you can spend all day skating, drinking beers, smoking joints and skating some more… For better, and sometimes worse, this type of skating used to be the norm, dictated by San Francisco’s EMB. It was the 90’s… Or it is now, but all over Spain.
This local brand part, mainly teaming up technical ledge skaters (to oversimplify), shows they spend enough hours on their turf to mix complex skating and ease, without looking like they trained one trick in a skatepark for a month before taking it to spot for clip… That, and they spend so much time together that they all got nicknames!
The 90’s still live on; you just need to know where to find them. Kalis knows! And if you are more into exploring, this clip also demonstrates that Spain has more to offer than Barcelona and its beaten paths… Just ask Jaime Fontecilla!

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