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Just a few days ago, House Of Vans London hosted a presentation of a new model finding its place into the shoe brand's catalog: Tony Trujillo's. Now, TNT no longer needs any introduction - and most often prefers letting his skating do the talking - but as a wear test event is scheduled for July 16th at Black Shop in Paris, we did feel the urge to send Augustin Giovannoni in his general direction at the London event, in order to try and get some words from the half man, half dynamite!

LIVE Skateboard Media: So, Tony Hawk is outside the entrance of the venue; would you happen to have an anecdote about him?

Tony Trujillo: Not really, but the last time I swear I talked to him, it was 1998, and I was Tony Mohawk at the time and he was Tony Hawk. It was at am contest at Tampa; I entered as Tony Mohawk; I don't know if he saw it or not, but if he did, he is a funny guy and he got it. He said “what’s up” to me... I was just a little kid, I was like sixteen.

Boneless transfer in Tujunga, CA. Ph.: Anthony Acosta

LSM: And how old are you now?

TNT: I'm thirty-five!

LSM: What do you say the most, « Antihero » ou « The 18 »?

TNT: I don't remember who started the "18 thing"... I like Antihero.

LSM: If you had to be stranded on a remote island with one Antihero rider, who would you pick?

TNT: That'd rather be John Cardiel. Step on an island? Get John Cardiel. He is resourceful, and will never quit!

Ph.: Joe Brook

LSM: What about somebody on the Vans team?

TNT: I don't know, that's a tough one. Geoff Rowley sounds like a good choice to me!

LSM: Which concrete skatepark in Europe do you reckon would be the best for a camping week-end?

TNT: Oh, what's that one in Italy, with the full pipe? Bologna! Bologna, Italy.

LSM: What about Marseille?

TNT: Marseille is fun too! I haven't been there forever. Make them expand that! That would be sick. That park is fun, the spine area is mellow, the coping is kind of grinded out... But yeah, it's fun.

LSM: What's the secret for a good frontside slash?

TNT: Oooh, just slow and low, just slow... And thrash your back foot up, and just get some!

LSM: How is it going in San Francisco these days?

TNT: Oh, San Francisco is changing; it's changed as far as every day, you run into jerks... But there's still a skate scene. It's not going anywhere, you know, the hills... It's a good time on a skateboard.

Ph.: Joe Brook

LSM: Do you sometimes skate with guys such as Ryan Garshell?

TNT: Who? Oh, GX1000? I don't skate with those dudes, but I was watching their clips. They seem like they're killing it.

LSM: Who would you say is the best San Francisco skater these days?

TNT: Best San Francisco skater? Peter Ramondetta is always killing it - goes out, skates a lot... And then, on the Antihero squad, Austin Kanfoush, he just got his pro board - he's always killing it. He's a beast, talking about the streets of San Francisco? Austin's a fucking beast, he murders himself.

LSM: Do you know any skateboarder(s) from France?

TNT: Hmm, no... Lucas Puig? That guy fucking rips, dude! I've been on trips with him, he's so good! I watch him, I'm following him on Instagram. He's killer. We were on two Fourstar trips in Europe together. He's awesome.

LSM: Do you still play for the band Bad Shit?

TNT: Bad Shit is still going. Jake just came up to our house - we live about an hour from San Francisco now - and him and his girlfriend drove up, and we practiced like, two days ago. No plans as of now, we just got back from Bali, Indonesia a few months ago, that was a good time.

LSM: How much were you involved in the creation of your new Vans shoe? 

TNT: We had a meeting and I said "I like this, I like that", they showed me a bunch of shoes, they were like "this is a new thing we can do"... I gave them all my input, and then they came back with something super sick so I was like, yeah, good!


So, if in Paris - see you at Black Shop on July 16th, 5:00 PM for a wear test of TNT's new pro Vans shoe!

Frontside wall bash. Ph.: Joe Brook
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