TpDg Supplies Co, 5 W's!

Photos: Eric Mirbach

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

Skateboarders like to do their own thing, it seems to come with the practice… Hence the endless amount of time spent with friends after every session about how “you would do it better”. Some people even do have a go at it… Just like we recently discussed it with Hugo Liard and Antiz. And for many people, the ultimate dream is –quite logically– a board company. But for German skateboarder Danny Sommerfeld, it has been quite a different one.
Pants, yes, pants… This young man has such strong feelings about how they should be and fit that he recently manned up to create a skater owned and operated clothing company. And here is what he has to say about it…

Where are you from?
I’m born and raised in Kassel, Germany. Been growing up skating in and outside of Germany.

Why start a clothing brand?
When I was a skate kid, I always thought to myself: If I ever had my own company, we would have to be making pants. From my point of view, there was nobody out there producing simple, classic pants for the skateboard sector. And there still isn’t. Except for us. I think it’s vitally important to concentrate on a well-defined selection of classic pants perfect for skating.

When did you start working on this project?
I was shooting the last photos for my interview in Monster Skateboard Magazine with photographer Eric Mirbach when I reached this certain point in my life, that it was time for change. I felt like the all the years of fantasizing about a brand had transformed into something very real. It still was all in my head, but I knew what I needed in order to get things going. The first ingredient sat right next to me on the couch: Mirbach for photos and everything text-related. All of a sudden, we were right in the middle of launching this thing. We were searching for a good name and hooked up with graphic designer Ben Wessler. TPDG Supplies Co. was born.

 Eric Mirbach

Kai Hillebrand, bs disaster

What would you state as influences for TPDG, whether people, places, movements, anything?
I’ve always had a certain liking for the classics: plain white tees, dark pants, a little American work wear, a little baseball flavor. And analogue photography, held in black and white. No crazy multicolored big logo graphics and all… Easy to grasp stuff for everybody to instantly understand and like. Classics never die! TPDG is all about hitting the streets with the gang, drinking a couple beers and go on a rampage. A little. [laughs]

Who rides for TPDG and how come?
The gang consists of Kai Hillebrand, Felix Lensing, Ben Wessler and our two new kids, Valentin Cafuk and Kalle Wiehn. Each and every one of them brings a little something to complete our pack of dogs. Felix has this special knack to see the big picture. He always knows how to make things look good and he always comes up with the best overall result. Ben brings the 90’s flavor, he’s the senior dog of the gang [laughs]. When you see Valle for the first time, you go: fuck, this guy has more shine than Adriana Lima. And Kalle is still very underrated, which is just wrong! Kaio is one of these guys with that special flow. It’s hard to describe. It seems like he’s super light-footed, but still has a lot of pop. Just check out the video I filmed with him when he visited me in Hamburg. We just pushed through the streets and Kaio did what he does best. I think it shows pretty good how naturally talented this dude is! Yes, I’m so proud of my gang!

Here is the Kai Hillebrand clip that Danny just mentioned, as a Live exclusive:

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