Vega in Malmö

What was an impossible scenario in Street Fighter II is now a thing: Vega in Malmö, thanks to the initiative of the eponymous Parisian skateshop whose crew followed their common star all the way up North to Malmö, the skate capital of Sweden if not all of Europe (and suddenly, the water under the bridge since "STRONGEST OF THE STRANGE" seems that much more enormous).
The video is by Léonard Berne featuring, as guest stars: himself, but also Samuel Vroman, Gorka De France, Gabin Herman and last but not least, the homie Eric Mo.
François, of Vega, recounts:
"Since March and Covid-19, everything pertaining to the organization of travels and thus, of skate trips has only been getting more and more complicated. Upon coming back to our Malaga trip just in time for national lockdown, everyone was just dying to get away again for the summer to skate and have fun.
In between the closed borders, the mandatory quarantines in place in some countries and the three quarters of Parisian skaters already off to Marseille or in Southwest France, the scope of possibilities didn't seem too wide at first. But thankfully, we at Vega are resourceful: in this case Sam Vroman, who's been living in Malmö, Sweden for two years now
What was really enticing was a combo of the idea of not having to wear masks there (be it in enclosed or outdoor spaces), the sea, the saunas and the spots aplenty; so many deciding factors, we quickly decided upon leaving to join him, in order for the summer holiday to really feel like one.
So the crew was Léonard Berne who, in addition to being on all filming duties, also always hit the spots after everyone else was done skating them, and then Sam Vroman, Gorka De France, Gabin Herman and François Wuest as the team manager.
Once out there, we got to explore the city and its surroundings with bikes generously lent by locals, as well as a vintage tandem borrowed from Bryggeriet Skate School. We even got to spend a day in Copenhagen thanks to the Dancer CPH crew, who provided us with a fake e-mail pretexting a meeting just so that we could enter Denmark.
So here's the result of one way too short week spent away from Covid - enjoy!" - Vega Skateshop


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