"Vladimir" / PREMIERE

In seven years of existence, the Vladimir Film Festival has slowly but surely grown to become a remarkable institution as part of the European - not to say worldwide - skate scene. Ran by die-hard skate filmer Nikola Racan and his Fažana, Croatia-based homies, those guys have somehow managed to attract hundreds of skateboarders from the whole planet over to their 3000-inhabitant fishing village, including the likes of Colin Read, Zach Chamberlin, Richard Hart, Jake Harris, Yoan Taillandier, Will Harmon (Free Skate Mag), Henry Kingsford (Grey Skate Mag), Sergej Vutuc, Dom Henry and his Manchester mates, Luka Pinto, the Rios Crew and many more, all originating from different horizons, from Costa Rica to Australia, Slovenia to Germany, Finland to Hungary, or the US to Singapore...

Vladimir is now a crucially federating event, abolishing geographical and political borders for a moment just long enough for as many skateboarding enthusiasts as possible to share energies by the means of underground skate video premieres, documentary screenings or various types of performance shows and exhibitions in - more often than not - odd locations in a region best described as lost in, if not completely out of, time. And when that's how the nights are usually spent, the days are notorious for taking the form of massive skate sessions in the streets of the nearby bigger city of Pula, when not atop the remains of pre-World War One austro-hungarian fortresses.

On location every year since (nearly) the beginning, Aymeric Nocus picked 2017 as the year to finally bring his video camera with him, as an effort to capture and hopefully transmit as much of that boiling effervescence as possible, with precious help from George Toland (whose newest montage you can peep here) and Rémi Luciani who also took out the VX in order to document the energy of the skate sessions, and guess what - everybody killed it!

The final product, an experimental mix between a documentary and a skate video, is now premiereing on LIVE Skateboard Media, after physical premieres at the Mimpi Film Festival in Rio De Janeiro and the Roundabout Fest in Berlin... Worldwide connexions!

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