Worldwide Ride!

This Sunday post consists in a full-length video by the eponymous Julian Sonntag (get it?): "Worldwide Ride" presents itself as an "international video entirely filmed on an iPhone 5", by the means of Death Lens equipment. The joke is actually on us as the illusion is quite convincing, plus the man did carry it over the span of several continents as the video features "emerging talents from Europe, China and South America". We got him to discuss his idea a bit:

"Well I guess the special thing about it is, it´s nearly all filmed on an iPhone 5. I had four broken VX-1000's and got tired of the endless repairment routine. That's when I found out about the Death Lens for iPhone 5, and I got pretty hyped on how similar the footage looked to MK1 footage. Without a plan, I just started using it to film and soon enough, the footage started adding up. It´s just fun because it´s easy to set up and you always have your "camera" with you. I call it my "pocket VX". I still had some old VX clips which, in the end, I could mix perfectly with the phone footage." - Julian Sonntag

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