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The new installment in Rémi Luciani aka. Marseille Zoo's web saga "N(i)CE THE SHORT CUT" is online, and consists in five minutes of street skating from Southern France, masterfully captured via the good ol' VX-1000 per usual, performed by quite the handful of too-rarely-seen names and then orchestrated to a song by The Smiths. Amongst the aforementioned names, one can spot Ben Botta whose talents Rémi has already showcased here, or Sergio Cadaré who, in the span of one line, gets us to reminisce about "MONSTRO DE RUA" for a moment. Nice one!

VX is so Nice

Rémi Luciani really won't catch a breath as, in the continuity of his former productions and, in this case, especially of "NTSC", he's just now dropping the second episode in the aforementioned series of his, consisting in the documentation of the skate scenes in South-East France. Well, according to his report, the aesthetics of which almost resemble a Listen video (the real will know), it's pure sunshine every day over there, and spots galore: just the right recipe to breed talented locals, caught on video by a filmer too focused to film front anywhere else but the front, ever get mediocre colors, or share his precious export settings.

Béton rêves

Rémi Luciani is back with an impactful VX edit, this time bearing witness to the joined effort by Dickies and Titus, a duo that recently helped fix and improve a D.I.Y. spot in Antibes, South of France via local connexion and common representative Ben Botta. The initiative was dubbed "Concrete Dreams", and Patrick Schwarz just dropped a behind-the-scenes short about it.

Three minutes and a half of viciously quick fisheye, semi-subliminal titles and absurd concrete configurations; from the looks of it, it takes more to make Ben flinch and the same can be said about his two co-featured companions this time: Arto Bornes and Flo Tourdre, all of them shutting down the place to the point of eventual eviction.

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