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Eliott Lockwood is another of those underground VX-1000 adepts and, just recently, he gifted the Internets with "SPACKLE", a tasteful edit of urban skateboarding filmed almost exclusively in San Francisco, featuring quite the crew of homies - including Trevor Murphy and Wes Allen, themselves already behind "SALVAGE TITLE" and "$3.29" (LIVE even interviewed Wes, here). The ensuing eight minutes should more than quench your thirst for downhills and quirky spots set to a quality soundtrack, and paired up with impeccable filming, editing and hand-made titles all reminiscent of Josh Stewart's classic "STATIC" series; everybody's style is looking on point, and Wes even delivers two back-to-back creative bangers. For whatever's next, one can subscribe to Eliott's YouTube channel, freshly inaugurated, here!


LIVE has already introduced you to Wes Allen and his approach to the VX-1000 with "SALVAGE TITLE" (alongside an interview with the man himself), a video production for which he had chosen to orientate his focus towards the outskirts of San Francisco rather than the heart of the City. Well, with this new clip: "$3.29", a fresh balance is found as now, in addition to the cutty - when not downright unpractical - spots, one can also feel the wind of S.F.'s residential areas with its near infinity of hills, and the rumble of the bricks paving the downtown area. The video wraps up on some Paris clips too - leading the viewer to expect even more exciting things coming soon, maybe?

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