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Quentin Delebecque - aka. Mr. Singha on the Instagrams and YouTubes - just dropped a smash hit with "LES ZINVAHISSEURS", just short of ten minutes of Parisian VX-1000 brimming with brillance, but also humor. The roster is as colorful as it gets, with plenty of unique profiles you wouldn't expect to ever share a timeline yet just so happen to do it so well; it notably comprises Elson Patrick and Auguste Fenez (the same duo behind "JARDIN D'HIVER"), Tyrone O'Hanrahan does not seem to mind Léo Spartacus' or Paul Gallelli's company whatsoever, and Masaki Ui goes in with what's got to be the crooked bonk of the year - complete with crazy outraged pedestrians.

LIVE can only encourage you - again - to look into Quentin's YouTube channel as it's chockful of quality productions, including this great edit of Lille O.G.: Olivier "Tavu" Ente (as of today, strong of a grand total of fifty views; make sure to also check out Tavu's Instagram feed), or "CUSTOM", Quentin's former video - which we somehow managed to miss sharing around the time of its release last winter, but to this day remains well worth your time.

Jardin d'Hiver

As just as much worth of memories of a pre-apocalyptic world, Auguste Fenez's latest offering is a three-minute audiovisual postcard from Paris, honoring the tradition of the genre with an original touch via the style of filmmaking.

Word on the streets of the French capital is, he spent some time last year riding just them alongside fellow talented and motivated skater Elson Patrick (notably a Wasted representative), in order to collect this footage, then assembled by a real production team.

Another interesting glimpse of Paris and a bit more of its scene - without directly exposing yourself to the urban germs. You might end up finding yourself missing that asphalt, though...

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