Back in the Beez

The most 'skate web'-aware of y'all just have to remember the "Beez" trilogy; a collection of delirious, independent productions out of Milwaukee the makings of which notably involved Josh Ellis (co-founder of one of the first ever skateboarding websites: still running strong since 1998, and then later of Gorf Life), as well as Russ Clark on editing duties. The idea was that any meager bucks earned from the DVD sales would be donated to charity. Now, some twelve years after the last installment in the series (worth a peek if by chance you ever missed it), Josh came up with quite the holiday present no one saw coming, nor knew they wanted: "Wazpz" is a solo effort (although in amazing company) of an unexpected follow-up. By now, if you still don't know what's coming for you - be prepared for it to sting funny.

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