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Hotel Blue is skate videographer Nick Von Werssowetz aka. @lurkNYC's company and its newest offering is "Sirens": eight minutes packed with smooth street skating through the cold spots of N.Y.C., filtered through Nick's vision resulting in a style that's only aging like fine wine and bettering itself since, for instance, "Nobody's Alley". The emerging heads at play here: Nate Grzechowiak gets offered a part consisting in a savant mix of technicity and jazzy, as though to ensure that you actually do eventually remember every letter of his name; Ish Dialo, Charles Deschamps, Kalman Ocheltree, Luca Ettore are more names and styles that pop up for some remarkable maneuvers and - last but not least - Juan Virues gets curtains with another part so impeccable, the man's just got to become one of your favorite skaters after this short film, the soundtrack of which itself is - quite logically - riddled with street sounds and sirens to the point where the viewer can just smell the gutter from their seat.

All flat

Note to self: never lend your car to the Hotel Blue guys!

Poutine power

You might not be aware of that refined delicacy of Quebec origins, and rest assured, nobody will make you try it! nonetheless, this little postcard will give you news from Montreal, a city that has strangely become one of the epicenter of worldwide skateboarding concerns over the past few years…

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