13 Avril

Color fools

Color Fools / Yellow Fool / Stéphane Zanette

Color Fools keeps on unfolding, with a second part that could seem tricky, at first: yellow! That would be unless the Yellow Fool is Stéphane Zanette, as he's the kind of guy with always a new spot up his sleeve! Julien Paccard, the film maker had this to say about his Fool: "Stéphane is 40, lives in Barcelona where he is teaching math, and skates more than anyone I know. We met about seven years ago, in Annecy, where I was doing University. We skated a lot together, with a similar look at it. Now, he is a good friend whom I travel with on the regular, and with equal contentment each time. He is behind the SkhateYou site, which will tell you a lot about the guy…"

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