18 Mai

Color fools

Coping attack…

Even if you're not the kind to leave your ledge alone to do hunt assassin copings, you can only observe the power –used with finesse– of Peter Hewitt, mostly in the way he stands up on his grinds, even on the most poorly placed "copings" he encounters… Let's not even mention his invert variations, all textbook, and far removed from all those failed handplant attempts we get fed these days. Classic stuff, if there is, even put to a soundtrack that refreshingly stays away from the faux-Slayer "because it's tranny, dude" route. This should slap you back into shape!

Color Fools / Green Fool / Gabriel Zufferey

The second to last part of Color Fools crosses the border, which makes sense for such a project based a few kilometers away from Switzerland: "Gab is a skater I would always notice whenever I was in Geneva! But I never met him until we started speaking about filming his part. His style is powerful, he doesn't fake it… He works at a skateshop, but also at the local skatepark. This Argentinean Swiss is part of the OG2000 crew, and it is an Argentinean friend, Mario Musicart, that composed his track, with a reference to the color, like for every other part…"
Follow the whole project, supported by Posca, here!

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