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Already strong of quite the brillant VX-1000 resume comprising montages such as "SHMARA", "LOST" or "BOOF", all well worth your time, U.K.-based skate filmmaker James 'D.J.' Davidson hits hard again today with "MIDPOINT", the newest chapter in his personal saga. And this time around, it is the city of Crawley, West Sussex (that's in England), that gets to shine as both the stage and canvas: the birthplace of Robert Smith (and the hometown of The Cure), the place was prosperous for a while after World War Two only to then slowly fade into a cultural limbo of sorts both the aforementioned Robert and D.J. seemingly agree on regretting. Well, motivation over desperation and here it led D.J. and his friends to film on location, around and throughout lockdown. In the end, "MIDPOINT" is the quintessential, seven-minute proof that they did manage to insufflate some life there - and decipher quite the number of hidden spots!

"LOST" in London / PREMIERE

LIVE has shared South London-based filmer James 'D.J.' Davidson's independent productions in the past; namely "Shmara" - immortalizing an army of Russian skateboarders overtaking Shanghai the most noble way they know how. The editing was catchy, punchy and the utilization of the VX-1000 D.J. claims to love as far as in his personal Instagram handle, wisely optimized.

It has now been two years since D.J. returned back home from China, during which he didn't go without filming, or traveling. His new audiovisual offering, "Lost", is the eventual representation of that timespan, consisting in footage captured out of pure feel, resulting in a kaleidoscopic display of fragmented skate moments as D.J. himself explored more of his own existence and the world, as he even made it as far as Paris in his search for new directions, new thrills and new socks from Carrefour.

Existential doubts, maybe; an original and genuinely brillant video as a direct result, that's for sure. The author put a lot of himself into the craft of this little time capsule, which can really be felt.

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