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Silence Skateboards, the brand ran by Simon Grassart out of Brussels, Belgium for the past few years is another entity LIVE has introduced to you before, and one that regularly likes inviting you into its daily reality (and the corresponding skate sessions) via episodic video capsules, dubbed "ZAP". And while you can still (re-)watch the former installment in the series here, today, it's a brand new one - number eight, to be specific - that we're sharing with you. This one is special not just due to the sheer caliber of the skateboarding, but all the more that it's entirely been in the works since the very beginning of the current pandemic - a fact Simon himself highlights:

"What a wack year! The idea of a national lockdown just in time for the very first sunny days of the year here in Belgium was already quite nightmare-ish in itself, especially given that the transition was pretty steep here: just picture weeks and weeks of constant overcast weather and rain that suddenly came to an end, only to left way to seemingly permanent blue skies (themselves quite the oddity for Belgium in March, come to think of it...). But then that perspective became a reality: one with a taste of dystopia, and our surroundings essentially turned into a new world with new codes, and many silenced interrogations... For now, please just make sure to enjoy every outdoor session - because, who knows? Such liberties just might become out of reach, soon enough..." - Simon Grassart

Silence is golden

Silence Skateboards is ran since 2016 and out of Brussels by Simon Grassart, who likes to hire sometimes popular, always subversive graphic artists to help with the brand's direction in design and as far as skateboarding itself is concerned, sponsors a bunch of locals - including, as of recently, twenty-three years young from Rochefort Grégoire Vansse who really wishes the UltraCush Lite 3D jokes would stop. Those are indeed a waste of one's attention that would be better spent focusing on his skating, which is technical and apparently, quite consistent given the guy's productivity and proneness to long lines through a selection of the best-looking spots Brussels has to offer, d'office!

The rest of the team also makes their due appearance in the video, following in the footsteps of the previous episodes of "Z.A.P.", Silence's series of web clips.

One can also (re-)watch "Noorder Light", Simon's full-length video from a decade ago featuring Thibault Lenaerts, Jarne Verbruggen, Szymon Stachon, Timothy Deconynck, Kevin Tshala, Adrien Bulard, Youness Amrani and Olivier 'Tavu' Ente. Simon is also responsible for a lot of the video production and recap clips constantly dropping on the Krak website. In the meantime, let's salute Greg's recent move to Montpellier, another effervescent scene!

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