Dane Barker

Brut de Dane!

Well, he good…

Five stars trip

Converse reveals the One Star World Tour 2018, sixteen days of traveling through the United States, Paris and London with the team that we like so much. And for this year’s edition, it looks like it’s the young skaters (European for some) in the spotlight with a Felipe Bartolome on fire and a breathtaking Kaue Cossa. All this announces only good things for the future.

Brady alert!

Ah, Danny… What is there left to add about the last standing member of the "Royal Family"? Nowadays captain of the Palazzo team, he stills manages to be one of the most prolific, yet, classy skaters of the whole lot… Brady? Got to love him!


Here you go, a little serving of the street ultra-violence Dane Barker is starting to get known for. That should straighten you up a little!

And don't miss out on that hidden trick!

Post punking it

Simple, and efficient: it's all there! Dane Barker skates raw and powerful, without ever going the easy route, even on iconic Los Angeles spots. Enjoyable on every level…

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