Dennis Laaß

Dennis, the menace?

Ahh, Dennis Laass… Too tall, too many nose manuals, and too many wallies! Summed up like that, it should not work, right? But, it does! Dennis does well and smoothly, even in the most depressing looking industrial suburbs of Germany, and you will want some more!

Destination: Berlin!

As a part of (sponsored) Europe is about to make its yearly pilgrimage for the BESA, it is an American citizen that reminds us why the city stands as that place where a certain type of street skating is practiced on impossible spots lost in abandoned neighborhoods… Another great production from  Brett Nichols, and a casting of locals about perfect, according to us!

Fresh air!

The city, the always buzzing streets, the endless energy of the great centrifuge… Sometimes, you do need to get out. This is exactly what the Cleptomanicx heads had in mind, before going to explore Lennie Burmeister's "countryside" away from their usual Hamburg. And they did find spots, they were rather good spots!

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