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The elusive Montpellier, France-based Disquette Clubalready strong of quite a few strong edits ("TRUNKIL", "DEUX FOIS CENT"), is back in your floppy drive today with this new montage that conveys a strong homie vibe, as well as a few classic ATK tracks - tucked away in a secret folder. The name is "CHACAL" and the clip is dedicated to "all the wild ones devouring the asphalt", for the span of five minutes of local skateboarding and various mischief makin'.


Real recognize real and, therefore, clearly remember the previous installment in the adventures of Montpellier, France-based Disquette Club collective and crew, for "DEUX FOIS CENT", definitely left a mark of its own kind on whoever somehow ran into it - online, or at the local bus stop... Well, get ready for more today as "TRUNKIL" does ease the vibe, but the youngsters still went out on some trips, and ate the consequential amount of slams just like they landed their share of tricks - and most importantly, all of that, always in the midst of some shared energy radiating from the homies; so, feel free to tune in onto their frequency in case you need a reminder, which is always welcome in these weird times!

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Disquette Club is a collective based in Montpellier, France (most of the time at least) consisting in skateboarders who like to take over everything local from bunkers and bus stops, all the while crediting themselves in @'s.

Their second video production is the first one their author Edouard Lemercier is actually happy with; the former installment being a compilation of phone clips, fifteen minutes of not-just-local-street skating indeed sounds like quite a step-up. You may recognize some of the spots from the Vans Thursday Sessions, meaning that they didn't only explore Montpellier but also went on trips to locations such as Marseille.

As a result, such good energy stems from the video that if you can make it through the terrorism in the intro, then you might find yourself caught in the vortex of the Montpellier experience sooner than you think, until you make it to the terrorism in the outro, that is - and along with just as much fun as them guys on a skateboard, that's the very least we can wish you!


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