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The perfect transition from the release of Murilo Romão's latest video epic has to be this other, new Brasilian production, straight from Adonis Perfeito, the man out of Manaus (the largest city of the Amazonas) running the local brand LIVE regularly mentions: Costume as well as, now, its sister company: Beth. We had announced its launch before, and it's now audiovisually official thanks to these six minutes of H.D. footage packed with colorful spots aplenty, all magnificent-looking, most utterly unexpected. The urban jungle doesn't get any more literal than this.

The Brazilian sneak-out

One of the reasons why we keep bringing up Costume (Manaus, Brazil O.G. Adonis' brand) is how consistently the guys drop quality edits, each new one topping the former in the series and bearing witness to the continuous development of the brand - not just another audiovisual output, this one introduces us to a whole new dimension of the project under the form of its sister company Beth. Thankfully the guys deliver when it comes to keeping track of each stage of their effervescence, as though to make sure our watches remain in sync and up to date. Edmundo Henrique and Thiago Gugu are the main horologists here, on surfaces that look like the direct nemesis of Swiss accuracy, yet they make it all appear like clockwork.


Costume is ran out of Manaus by local skateboarding (and video ripping) great Manitou: the ever-so-mysterious Adonis. For those who might have skated through most of their geography classes, Manaus is located in the North of Brazil; with a population of more than two million, it is the most populous city of both the Brazilian state of Amazonas and the Amazon rainforest.

Adonis has been skating since 1987, never quite stopped since and was eating VX-1000 ribbon cables for breakfast for most of that timespan (as can attest i.e.. this recent montage, or the Costume full-length), this new piece "Indigência" actually represents the first HD Costume edit. And why not? The style remains the same, and the exoticism of Manaus only pops out more. And not just to us viewers, apparently - as the video is saturated with creative spots and moves that shouldn't be so obvious.

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