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Too hyperactive for us to even get to keep track of his pace, George Toland, the London-based Sony VX-1000 piloting expert who's normally a regular on this website recently dropped not just one, but two remarkable montages of footage collected throughout the Americas - more specifically in Queretaro, Mexico (where he notably skated with Daniel Peña and Adán Belío, whose video "EL OMBLIGO DE LA LUNA" LIVE recently presented, for Milquinientosveintiuno) and in Heredia, Costa Rica (where he wasn't without catching up with Miguel Castro and Francisco Saco, both formerly met at the Croatian Vladimir Film Festival where they had showed their video: "CANASTA"). That's two times short of twenty minutes brimming with colorful spots and organic styles, masterfully captured by a Serious Adult increasingly prone to the itinerant lifestyle.

For more Costa Rica, we may send you back to the recent "GRINGO DIARIES" by Chris Komodromos and, for more Mexico, well, just stay tuned for the next few days...

"Moonlight" / PREMIERE


Skateboarding is just as full of surprises as it is broken down into entities, scenes and the individuals who run them; here we catch up with Costa Rica via filmmaker Francisco Saco and lifelong skateboarder Miguel Castro, upon the release of their new montage: "MOONLIGHT", filmed in Croatia last september and premiering here and now, on LIVE Skateboard Media; but also to reminisce about - and most likely expose some of you to - "CANASTA", the epic full-length video documenting the Costa Rica scene. Watch, read, learn, rejoice, enjoy!

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