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Family Album

And here's for the sweetest French treat of the day, under the form of the new Album Skate Co. video via Arno Wagner, pieced together by Thomas Guérin whose works LIVE hasn't been without showcasing before, notably for the Vans Thursday Sessions from multiple millenia ago and other various favors and tasks performed for ABS Grenoble - the skateshop ran by the legendary Fred Demard (ex-Soma Skate Mag). Both aforementioned entities supported the makings of this new release, too, and more power to them for that move as the resulting output is no less than an eight-minute stream of brillant vibes, original tricks, gnarly slams and sensual spots, in between smiles when not just full-on laughter. A perfect reflection of the new generation in the midst of a very authentic-looking scene, with some mandatory Barcelona footage thrown in the mix but first and foremost, a waterfall of bright colors that's only asking to pet your retinas and twitch both your leg and zygomatic muscles if you'll let it. Nice one, Album!

As a complementary bonus, may we redirect you back to our latest interview with Thomas, regarding his work on "COLORWAY", the recent Film Trucks promo - a brand we'll be delivering more news on the subject of, soon, too. It just so appears that for the most motivated out there, planet Earth can only keep spinning the right way!

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