Grady Smith

Street smoke

The classic formula for the Lurk NYC: new faces mixed with more exposed locals all ripping, in those streets that keep on morphing and giving… And the occasion to wonder: has the cigarette industry bought the entirety of the Big Apple skateboard scene, in order to revive sales amongst 16 years old of the world?

Mean meat

The LURK are here, with a Max Garson featuring, and a Shanahan that is single handedly bringing back the early 2000 / fat shoes look back…

Nobody's Alley

The Lurk NYC, heads, we follow them like all of you, for their little edits full of that NYC streets flavor, but here, they step it up! The skating is top notch, on a large palette of super urban spots, John Shanahan confirms his recent exploits, and this could be a lost B-side of a certain Mixtape that came out in 1998.

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