Guillaume Redoules

Perdu un jour de plus

With "PERDU UN JOUR DE PLUS", Sébastien Rolando represents, in a way, an otherwise always-too-undercelebrated slice of Paris skateboarding: the one that's about skating every district the French capital has to offer in one's own unique way, indiscriminately exploiting every possible bit of spot like just as many correct guesses and with rather disinterested nonchalance; the one that doesn't stop to even consider the skatestoppers at Jussieu, and will use the terrain anyway. The video also bears witness to many a wild impertinence just thrown in the face of the local metropolitan topography, too; all at the service of a duct-taped fisheye lens and some psychedelic editing that isn't without being reminiscent of "MEMORY SCREEN". Feel free to follow Sébastien on YouTube, here!

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