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Miguel's tip: "Vultos"

Vultos or "figures" refers to those furtive, fugitive illusions born from just as many marriages between our imagination and our persistence of vision; naturally, that sounds a lot like the definition of a skateboard maneuver and also is the title for the independent video production LIVE is relaying today, thanks to our Brazilian homie Miguel Matos.

"VULTOS" is a piece by Rafael Regis under the Cucaracha Tapes banner (one can secure themselves under on YouTube here), originating from Balneário Camboriú near Florianópolis in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. On the menu: over twenty minutes worth of Sony VX-2000 footage stacked since late 2021, comprising different trips to Paraná, Santa Catarina and São Paulo and featuring various crews such as CPTMAFIAALWZFADED or GNOSE; also additional angles by Raphael Soares and Kalany Varela and presenting the talents of João PadilhaLuiz VillarDavi PereiraEzequiel WeinhardtIan HoffmeisterMarco GutierrezGabriel Felipe and many more locals.

An exclusive photo gallery can also be found on the Black Media Skate website, here!


After plenty of references already to Francesco CareriLe Corbusier and Guy Debord - amongst others - throughout the past few years and the corresponding output of video productions, Brazilian collective Flanantes is back "FLANATOPIAS" and this time, it is a concept forged by French philosopher Michel Foucault that gets explored, for the sake of a nearly half-hour-long piece that doesn't fail at pairing up H.D. documentation with experimental editing. Of course, as always, the skateboarding is remarkable and that's despite the rough spots and sketchy year; an impressive number of faces make an appearance, too, representing just as many unique styles - although, the best observers will quickly spot the likes of Luis MoschioniSergio Santoro or Hernando "Nańo" Ramirez (ASCO Skateboarding C.E.O.), as they've regularly been featured on LIVE before too. All produced by Brazilian magazine CemporcentoSKATE, with an exclusive photo gallery here, alongside words of introduction by Leonardo Brandão :

"Heterotopia is a concept created by French philosopher Michel Foucault; the term means the invention of new spaces within the pre-existing spaces themselves.

Skateboarding, for example, is heterotopic. With it, a handrail is no longer a handrail, nor is a bench just a bench.

In addition, we must not forget the great heterotopy mentioned by Foucault: the ship, which is the quintessential figure of the nineteenth century. The English ships in the seas, or the transatlantic ships, those large pieces of space that float in the immense space of the sea.

According to this logic, heterotopia can also be the skateboard itself: a tiny piece of space compared to the ship, a metaphor for what is happening today - unlike the ship, the space it traverses offers comfort, luxury and security, carrying its own charge of insecurity, survival instict, scarcity of resources and rarefied space.

Skateboard sends imagination back to the time of the first boatmen who had nothing but row boats. Except skaters aren't in the seas or oceans - they are in the cities, their heterotopias are urban, drifting - they are flanantopias." Leonardo Brandão for CemporcentoSKATE.

Oh and, word on the street is a brand new Flanantes edit - again another one! - might be just about to drop, soon...

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