Bandung break

Straight out of Bandung, the fourth biggest city in Indonesia is coming to us the opportunity to catch "[THE] BREAK", after thirty days of incessant filming over the course of the local lockdown. Which just so happened to result in no less than a twelve-minute stream of original styles and spots still wrapped in their own pristine exoticism, but not of the least rugged type otherwise. All at the service of the good, ol' round fisheye and some fast-paced editing; when it comes to inspiring you to explore new skate territory, this video should do the trick! And we're talking some collective local work, seeing as Alvin Flip and Iyofrd collected all those clips, while Indra Domdom, their main subject of choice himself was tasked with the editing. The project was supposed by clothing brand United Hart, shoe brand Saint Barkley and skate brand Hello Skate. Thanks to Rayis Bisyir of Malacca Skateboards for keeping us in the loop - make sure to (re-) watch his own productions, whilst more is on the way already!

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